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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

General FAQ's

Our mission is to provide the quickest, largest, and most reputable money services listings directory in the U.S. Our primary focus is check cashing and payday loan (cash advance) service offerings and getting customers access to quick cash, when they need it most.

Yes, it is completely free to use when searching and contacting the money services businesses.

CashCheckNearMe offers powerful, quick location and search tools, along with business reviews, to get the information you need, when you need it most. This means wherever you are located in the U.S., we provide the data you need, when you need access to cash right away. We have over 4,000 U.S. businesses listed in this money services listing directory, ready to serve your financial needs.

During the registration process, we provide the option to register either as a website User or a Business. A User role is a visitor who registers seeking money service offerings from listed businesses. A Business role is a money services business, who advertises their money services offerings on our website.

The checkmark icon means that business listed is verified and was claimed by the business. 

We initially added thousands of money services businesses, across the U.S. However, this pre-loaded data was public, general business information. It is up to the individual businesses to claim their existing listing, or create their verified listings with more information about their business and services. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data, but a verified business listing (verified checkmark next to the business name) adds trust to the information. If a business listing is unverified, please double-check the hours of operation and business listing data to ensure its accuracy.

Yes, you can suggest an edit for any correction(s) that need to be made to a business listing. In order to submit a suggested edit for review, simply use the Suggest Edit(s) button, located in the quick action menu. Thank you for any assistance in ensuring the accuracy of the information!

Yes. We provide the business contact phone number for each listed business, even if a listing is unclaimed.

We offer searching for money services businesses that support check cashing for up to ten (10) different check types. The check types consist of – business checks, certified checks, government checks, income tax refund checks, insurance checks, money orders, payroll checks, personal checks, 401(k) checks, and traveler’s checks. Any check cashing limits and fees for a business will be displayed in the business listing.

Yes, if the business listing offers this service, which would be displayed as a tag, under Service(s) Offered, in the business listing. Business listings with the payday loan quoting badge offer quicker online and in-person quoting options, through a form in the business listing. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible and to provide many payday loan options for comparison. Please keep in mind, some U.S. states do not offer this loan type or have limits on the payday loan amount and terms. The business can display any payday loan limits, restrictions, and/or terms inside the business listing.

We have a payday loan network that provides you with payday loan options (both online and in-person). You can simply submit your payday loan request, under the business listings that setup this quoting option with us. To find these business listings, simply select the Yes option under our search filter labeled Payday Loan Quoting and look for the Payday Loan Quoting badge in the search results. Inside these business listings, a payday loan form will appear where you can get started on the online or in-person quote request with the money services business.

Yes, the businesses that list on our website may offer many types of additional services to their customers. These additional service offerings will be displayed in the business listings as tags under Service(s) Offered, and these tags can be searched for in our website search engine.  By default, all business listings have the check cashing service tag added into their listings.

Currently, we only show money services businesses in all fifty (50) U.S. states, and Washington D.C. However, we plan on expanding into Canada at a future date.

We collect location and user demographic data, regarding site visitors and users. We do this to understand our audience better and drive product and service improvements for a better user experience. For more information on our privacy policy, please refer to our website’s Privacy Policy.
You can contact CashCheckNearMe by simply using our website’s Contact Us page. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply, due to the amount of e-mails received by us.

Business FAQ's

CashCheckNearMe is a money services business listing directory that acts as a marketing engine to drive traffic, leads, and more sales to your U.S.-based money services business. This marketing exposure is done organically through the CashCheckNearMe website search engine and inorganically in internet search engines.

We found other listing directories to be somewhat complicated and not catered towards money services businesses. We provide a user-friendly, simplified way to promote your money services business in our search results, and once a listing is claimed, you completely control your business information. Each business listing on our website has its own advanced analytics/insights dashboard and the ability to market all types of services. We also provide unlimited payday loan leads with any paid business listing package.

It is completely free to list one new verified business listing or claim one existing business listing in our online money services directory. We do offer paid packages for businesses that offer additional features. 

Glad you found it and you are halfway there! You can simply claim your business listing inside the listing itself, using the Claim Listing button, and update or fill in any business listing information. Please note: Claiming a business listing must be done under a Business account.

Any business listing that does not have the verified listing checkmark, next to the business name. The requestor’s  e-mail address domain must match the business name, website domain name, and the CashCheckNearMe business account e-mail. We will not approve claim requests from third-party e-mail providers like Gmail, AOL, etc.

The pre-filled business listing data does not contain all the information needed to fully market your money services business and its services in our online money services directory. When a business listing remains unclaimed, it will not be displayed as a verified business listing, when visitors or users run searches in our dedicated money services search engine. 

Once a business listing is claimed and verified, it will allow the business to update and/or fill in any missing business listing details. Additionally, a verified business listing will stand out in the website and internet search engine search results, receive real-time listing insights and traffic analytics, and allow the businesses to respond to user reviews. Keep in mind, our website allows one (1) business listing to be claimed completely free of charge!

There are two paid options for placing your business higher in the search results. They are Promote (30 days max.) for new or existing listings and the Featured Listing (30 days max.) business package for new listings. The highest priority in the search results are promoted listings and will move you to the top of the results for a matching search query. The second highest priority in the search results are featured listings.
To promote a business listing,  select the Promote button under the business listing in your business Dashboard -> My Listings. To feature your new business listing, select the Featured Listing package when creating a new business listing.

All business listings do not expire, except for the featured listing type. The featured listing type expires after thirty (30) days, but can be re-published.

When a featured listing expires, it becomes unpublished. The user will be able to republish a listing by going to the business at Dashboard -> My Listings -> Relist.

The business will be required to choose a new business listing package. A business listing will be relisted once checkout is completed, and the business listing is re-approved by the site’s admin.

Yes. We will list your business contact phone number, whether a business listing is claimed or not. No business e-mails will be displayed publicly in business listings.

We support listing up to ten (10) different check cashing types. The check types consist of – business checks, certified checks, government checks, income tax refund checks, insurance checks, money orders, payroll checks, personal checks, 401(k) checks, and traveler’s checks. Any check cashing fees and limits can be displayed in a business listing, by inserting them in the Check Cashing Fees/Limits section, when creating or editing a business listing.

Through our in-house payday loan lead program, which is included with any paid business listing package, we provide the opportunity to competitively service payday loan customers both online and in-person. A business can add a lead contact e-mail, custom payday loan limits, requirements, and/or terms and desired search filtering visibility, when creating or editing an existing paid business listing. A payday loan lead generation form will automatically appear in the business listing, once this information is submitted in a business listing. Also, a business listing will display a unique Payday Loan Quoting badge icon in the search results, when a user searches using the Payday Loan Quoting search filter. More information about this program can be found at Payday Loan Lead Program.

The payday loan lead program can be easily activated by purchasing any of our paid business listing packages. Once a paid package is purchased, a business will need to add their lead e-mail contact (e-mail is not visible in the listing) and add any necessary payday loan limits, requirements, and/or terms for their payday loan lead inquiry form. These details can be entered in the Payday Lead Quoting section, when creating a new business listing or editing an existing business listing. Once the purchase is made and these details are added, a payday loan quoting form automatically appears in a business listing, ready for immediate lead capturing.

When a business purchases paid business package, the business will provide a lead contact e-mail. This lead contact e-mail is directly integrated into the payday loan lead inquiry form that appears in the business listing. The business will then start receiving payday loan request details, through their lead contact e-mail. Fresh and unlimited payday loan leads right into your inbox!

The payday loan lead program is completely optional, when purchasing a paid business listing package. To not display this lead form in a business listing, simply do not fill in any of the information in the Payday Loan Quoting section, when creating or editing a business listing. You do have the option to always add this information at a later date, if you decide you would like to start participating in the payday loan lead generation program.

Since we offer digital products, we do not offer refunds, unless a product or package was purchased accidently. Please contact us if this is the case, and we will review the transaction.

We understand money service businesses offer many other great services to their customers. We definitely allow businesses to list and market additional services inside a business listing, using searchable tags. These tags can be added to a business listing, when creating or updating a business listing. By default, all business listings have the check cashing service tag added into their listings.